Who are we


Behind every new project, there are a number of key players: the developer; the architect; the interior designer; the sales team.

Many times, there’s someone else involved who gets little public credit but plays an integral role: the real estate consultant.

Consultants can have various types of expertise and fulfill myriad roles. Some advise developers on pre-development decisions, and become involved in a project before the land is secured, the feasibility reports are run and the architecture firm is hired. Others are brought into the process later to help guide decisions regarding unit mix, pricing and design. And others, still, are hired once these decisions have been made to help define the project’s brand, hone in on the target market and build an online presence.

Regardless of their area of expertise and how the developer uses their services, every consultant relies on data and strong industry connections to help the developer make decisions and ensure they’re working with the best team to achieve their goals.

When a developer has failed to hire a consultant at an early stage, it’s obvious, Mr. Silvestri said, noting that he’s recently walked into has gone smoothly Engineers and Architects are all busy naming their prices and making mistakes that is costing the developers time and money. This is a role that a consultant needs to help bear down on and keep the design team in check and on budget. Mr Silvestri has saved hundreds of thousands on a recent project value engineering, and working closely with town & city officials. Mr Silvestri strongly believes in one on one face to face meetings emails and texts have gotten out of hand and out of context. With one on one meetings all issues can be brought to the table and discussed and hopefully resolved in a very minimal amount of time.
“Without living and breathing luxury real estate, and walking the streets with these purchasers to understand their changing requirements, the developers don’t have a hold on the market,” Mr. Silvestri said. “It definitely requires a specialist.”

Engaging an expert consultant at the earliest stage possible is one way developers can guard against missteps, consultants say.

Buildco Consultancy provides a wide range of consulting and management services for owners, operators, and developers of commercial, residential, industrial, and mixed-use real estate and development projects. We bring unparalleled visibility to every aspect of a construction project – from pre-design to final completion – providing oversight, accountability, and control that ensure projects are completed on time and on budget. Our capabilities include due diligence, pre-development, development consulting, project management, clerk of the works / owner representation, expert witness reporting, sustainability planning, and lender representation. We offer a full range of services within each of these categories, from high-level strategy and consulting to project management services and other daily processes.
Buildco’s principal with deep expertise and more than 18 years of experience in architecture, construction management, engineering, investment, and other real estate-related disciplines. His cross-disciplinary, total-project perspective brings new ideas to his work, and fosters an entrepreneurial culture where projects are staffed, planned and managed according to the needs of each client. And we actively collaborate with all members of the client, design, construction, and approvals team, involving them in every step of the process. It is an approach that results in more successful project planning and execution.

We provide the expertise, resources, and focus required to manage real estate and development projects in today’s highly complex construction market. By offering complete technical and financial visibility, we minimize cost overruns, drive projects to completion, and protect the reputation and financial interests of our clients.

With you every step of the way

Our capabilities encompass every aspect of a real estate and development project, from pre-planning and design to construction and closeout. We offer a full range of services in each of these areas, including high-level consulting and planning, and more tactical construction oversight and administration activities. We’re able to partner with clients through every phase of a project, providing greater visibility, accountability, and control.

We do our homework, and we do it up front. We believe that opportunities and concerns are best addressed when identified early on. Whether it is our Project Diagnostic, a rigorous preliminary analysis that we complete as soon as we begin working with a client, or early review of industry best practices, strategies, and trends that might impact design and construction, we perform insightful, thorough research at the earliest stages of a project to manage costs and improve the design and construction process.

Real Value for our Clients

Buildco Consultancy’s main focus is to offer owner representative services for commercial and Residential projects. The commitment to our clients is evident in our goal to increase the profitability of a project without sacrificing design integrity or visual appeal, with special emphasis on value engineering and completing projects on schedule. In addition to our professional qualifications, we bring an exceptional level of commitment and passion to all of our projects and a proven successful record in delivering projects to clients on time and at or below budget

Buildco Consultancy has provided owner representation for construction projects throughout New England for the past seventeen years ranging in value from $50,000 to $110,000,000

Our objective is to support our clients through the most difficult site and building projects. Our team is composed of an experienced compliment of Construction Managers, Civil Engineers, Landscape Architects, etc. In addition our team has many years of Residential and Commercial Building experience. BUILDCO’s services are valuable to Site Developers, Civil Engineers, and Commercial Lenders associated with large or small Residential Developments, Retail, and Commercial Projects. We have developed associations with various Construction and Engineering Consultants as may be required from time to time depending on the varied complexity of a particular project, thus, offering as much or as little service as our clients may require.